25 Meters Powerful high viscosity ultra thin Transparent Stripes Refrigerator Air conditioning Bundled Tape in Sealing Strips from Home Improvement

25 Meters Powerful high viscosity ultra thin Transparent Stripes Refrigerator Air conditioning Bundled Tape in Sealing Strips from Home Improvement
25 Meters Powerful high viscosity ultra thin Transparent Stripes Refrigerator Air conditioning Bundled Tape in Sealing Strips from Home Improvement
25 Meters Powerful high viscosity ultra thin Transparent Stripes Refrigerator Air conditioning Bundled Tape in Sealing Strips from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Type: Sealing Strips

Model Number: 19001

Material: Fiber

is_customized: Yes

Size: 30mm/20mm/5mm

Type name: Fiber tape

Feature: Wear-resistant, moisture-proof

Quantity: 25 meters


        25 Meters /lot Transparent Striped Fiber Tape

Product Details

Product Name: Transparent fiber tape
Material: Fiber
Application: refrigerators, computers, fax machines , etc
Color:    Transparent
 Plastic fiber reinforced back material, high tensile strength, high viscosity, good durability, easy to break, perfect packaging effect and easy to loose, with high wear resistance and moisture resistance. There are two types of glass and glass mesh, and the color is transparent.
Uses: Used for sealing, strapping, wiring and other fixed connections in industries, electronics, household appliances and other industries. Such as refrigerators, computers, fax machines and sheet steel
Wear-resistant, moisture-proof
Package Included
25 meters * Transparent fiber tape
Allow slight deviations due to manual measurements.
Due to differences between the different displays, the image may not reflect the actual color of the project.

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