Zhao the Orphan Language English Keep on Lifelong learn as long as you live knowledge is priceless and no border 363 in Books from Office School Supplies

Zhao the Orphan Language English Keep on Lifelong learn as long as you live knowledge is priceless and no border 363 in Books from Office School Supplies

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Zhao the Orphan is a Chinese play of the Yuan Dynasty, attributed to Ji Junxiang, written in the second half of the 13th century. In it the hero sacrifices his son to save the life of young Zhao so that Zhao can later avenge the death of his family. It is the first Chinese play known in Europe. 



Chapter 1  Child Duke Holds Human Life like a Straw

Chapter 2  Plot to Kill Zhao Zun

Chapter 3  Zhao Dun’s Family Slaughtered

Chapter 4  Cheng Ying Saves a Child

Chapter 5  Plan to Save Zhao the Orphan

Chapter 6  Gongsun Chujiu Dies for Zhao the Orphan

Chapter 7  Zhao the Orphan Brought up in the Tiger’s Lair

Chapter 8  Revenge Made


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During the Warring States Period, Duke Ling of theState of Jin came to the throne as a child.When Duke Ling attained manhood, he plundered thepeople mercilessly and held human life in complete disregard.Zhao Dun was the son of Zhao Shuai, who had accompaniedDuke Wen, the previous ruler of Jin, on his 19-year exile. DukeLing treated him with a mixture of hatred, respect and fear.Tu’an Gu, had the ear of Duke Ling at this time. Tu’an Gucame from a military family. Having practiced martial arts from anearly age, he had come to the notice of Duke Ling, who appointedhim head of the palace guard. Tu’an Gu was as cunning as a foxand an accomplished flatterer, as well as being adept at reading aperson’s thoughts.He soon had the ordinary court officials eating out of hishand, and as for Duke Ling, manipulating him was child’s play forTu’an Gu. The duke, in turn, doted on his chief bodyguard, whonever left his side whenever he went out on jaunts. If perchance,Tu’an Gu happened to be absent on any occasion, Duke Ling wasas distressed as if he had lost his right arm.Early perceiving that Duke Ling cared for nothing but satisfyinghis appetites, Tu’an Gu used all his guile and flattery towheedle out of the duke what he most desired. Then he had a parkconstructed in the eastern part of the royal palace in Jiangyi City,the capital of Jin.Crystal-clear streams and shady paths meandered aroundlofty halls, terraces and pavilions. Rare and exotic plants werebrought from all over Jin and planted in the park, so that fine treeswere in bloom all the year round, and lush lawns breathed theirfragrance. Of all the flowers that bloomed in their turn, those ofthe peach trees were the most numerous.



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